A few weeks ago Aafke Hof asked me to design and create a bag to hold the livery collar for the new mayor of my hometown Emmen. Amazing, such an honour! I couldn’t design an ordinary bag,yet  it had to fit the style of the collar, it had to be functional and not too showy. A challenge for a designer that makes shoes and bags that are quite outstanding. As if it wasn’t enough of a challenge, I once again made it very hard on myself by choosing a bag design with a very difficult technical construction. After dozens of sketches, seven different bag flaps en a first bag that just wasn’t perfect enough for me, the end result turned out to be a true showpiece. I was filled with pride while watching the mayor open the bag and put on his lively

A new year means a fresh start. So what better time to launch my new website than the beginning of January? I wanted a more professional look and more focus on my designs. But most important, a website that matches the Erna Schipper style: colorful, stylish and unique. This new look is perfect for the great things to come in 2017. Stay tuned… Thanks to Rick Boendermaker & Lian Galliard for building the new and improved Ernaschipper.com and thanks to Ron Greve for photographing my shoes and bags as pieces of art.   I wish everyone a happy, healthy and fashionable 2017!

In October I had professional photographer Ron Greve take photos of my shoes and bags. Ron has a way of creating art through his photographs and he did exactly that for Erna Schipper! We decided to photograph the shoes as pieces of art. With a lot of color in the background and the same lightning he used for his ‘In Relation’ series. In each picture there is a pink line that stands for the Erna Schipper color, which I use on the inside of each shoe and in my logo of course. I'm extremely happy with the results and can't wait to do another shoot with Ron soon. Go to my gallery to see the photos Ron made of my products. And don't forget to have a look at Ron's portfolio site: Rongreve.nl.   [caption id="attachment_5250" align="alignleft" width="1512"] Ron Greve at work for Erna Schipper[/caption]